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Saturday, December 15, 2007

What part of "Personal Responsiblity" do you not understand?


she's good!

The Naked People Made Me Do BAD Things! | hell's handmaiden:

Sorry, but I’m not buying it. Reactions like this– originally encountered at NoPornNorthhampton– do not come from watching naked people have sex. I’m sure the account is true in that it is an accurate reflection of the author’s experience, of her emotional reations and her subjective state. Damage like this does not come from watching nudie flicks. This kind of pathology is well on its way when you get to the porn.

I was claiming power, the all-elusive power that women strive for their entire lives, from degrading and enjoying the degradation of other women. I had absorbed a lesson from the patriarchy: women are easy to degrade, weaker, and more vulnerable, so much so that even another woman can take their power.

…The idea of humiliating a man was so foreign to me that my mind discounted the possibility of it immediately, before it even blinked on the radar. I had spent my life with men controlling me it was clear, at least to me, that I would never get power from them. Instead, I turned to women even more vulnerable than me. Women who were even EASIER targets to take power from than I was.

I don’t mean to discount the author’s pain. Certainly she went through a bad spell, but she has her causes desperately confused– like the alcoholic blaming the alcohol. Its not the alcohol. Its you. Some of us drink now and then and don’t become self-destructive maniacs. In fact, a lot of us drink and do not spiral into liquid hell. It isn’t the alcohol. It is you. It is your brain, your biochemistry, your emotional history, your genes, your personality. It isn’t the alcohol. Blaming the alcohol is a convenient distraction, a way to avoid admitting that, “Hey, I’m fucked up.”

This is absolutely true. And I think the anti-pornography crowd is really much better thought of as the "how dare you trigger me into thinking about the festering crap I refuse to deal with" movement.

But take it from me, there ain't no law that's gonna make the tapes in your head stop playing.

UPDATE: I'm concerned that in casually throwing out these last two paragraphs, I may have hit too close to home. I just edited out the word "inadvertently" upon realizing I was trying to cover my ass. Women and Pornography: My Story is no longer publicly available, as the entire site, has gone invite-only.

Nope, I will stand by the above, and raise the stakes: Been there, done that, got the damn t-shirt. And I may already have said this to her, as it seems I have an email for the author. But I'll repeat and expand what I said over at The Maiden's site:

Why is it that anti-porn activists cannot make an argument without going straight for my lunch? I assure you, most consumers of porn are as disgusted by coporphagia as anyone else. It’s an extreme niche fetish and we have a saying regarding “your kink is ok, just don’t ever breathe in the same room with me, it’s just not my kink.”

There is absolutely no combination of porn and persuasion that could ever convince me, or most other folks, that such a thing was sexy.

I’m with the Maiden on this one: If images of any kind trigger thoughts like you describe, it’s because there’s stuff in your background you have repressed. That’s where most seemingly bizarre sexual practices arise - generally from abuse at the hands of someone highly trusted.

So, in a way, being triggered by porn is a good thing. I mean, have you considered the obvious connection between your “wicked” desire to sexually dominate other women and your father’s behavior toward you and your family?

The sum total of Republican Family Values seems to be shooting the messenger.

Meanwhile, take another look at NoPornNorthhampton:

Without even taking issue with many of the bizarre allegations made about porn - many of which can be debunked with the most trivial exploration via google - it's casually obvious that the most flagrant characteristic of this anti-porn blog is it's obsessively prurient focus on the most bizarre perversions - and a dishonest equation of, to take their most blatant obsession, anal-oral porn with such things as my good friend and sponsor over at

The implication that looking at happy naked women leads inevitably to disgusting sexual behaviors is so truly bizarre that it speaks far more about the issues of the authors and fellow travelers than it does about the objective value or harm of either happy naked women OR anal-oral contact.

But anyway, let me tell you a little bit about my own reasons for being involved with porn, because I come at it in a uniquely backassward way. I must also add one caveat; I'm on the autistic spectrum and therefore my perspective on the human sexual dance is rather unique - pretty much that of a bemused alien spectator trying to discern the rules of hockey by watching the highlights on the news.

My own direct personal interest in porn took about six months to run through, way back in the seventies. I sought out hard core porn because I wished to know precisely (and without all the damnably infuriating innuendo and sappy poetry) HOW Tab A fit into Slot B. Once I knew that, I was pretty much done, and everything else got filed under either "art" or "so NOT art." There just isn't much about the heterosexual dance that is at all artistic from any perspective other than that of the participants. Indeed, I've made several abortive and unpublished attempts to approach it in a representational way - and all that works is that damnably infuriating innuendo and sappy poetry.

To nutshell it, I fairly much ignored porn from the mid-seventies to the mid-nineties - when I got onto Usenet. And there, the issue was fairly difficult to ignore - especially if you had your own UUCP hub and accidentally requested a binaries group!

But even that was an issue of mild curiosity. What really caused the issue to become important to me was the painful process of realizing that I - and hundreds of other people suddenly able to share their issues on alt.sexual.abuse.recovery had INDEED been deeply affected by porn. But - although the context and consensus would have suggested that I run around in circles denouncing the evil plague, my rather alien wetware insisted on focusing on what was being said, rather than the means of illustrating the story.

Then I realized something; the narratives being shared on alt.sexual.abuse.recovery were very good fits for certain "genres" of porn.

But I realized something even more critical to my evolving understanding; this sort of porn was also obviously and directly concerned with validating the social status quo, validating male assumptions about their place, and justifying the punishment of women (and by unspoken but very direct extension, all "chattel" such as children and dogs) who did not accept their domination by the Hero Male.

I realized also that it was the direct equivalent of an entire magazine genre I remembered from my youth, the "True Confessions" magazine.

While it would not be considered porn by most people, that's only because it used innuendo to avoid speaking directly about what was going on. It was all about the vicarious enjoyment of the sexual sins of others, followed by the inevitable rape, pregnancy and occasional murder caused by, say, sluttishly wearing a padded bra. I, personally consider such messages to be every bit as disturbing and distractive as any overt, hard-core porn with the same message. From an ethical, moral and essentialist point of view it's not so much how you say it, but what you are saying. The means is simply a choice based on the audience you wish to speak to - and with equal importance, the audience you wish to deliberately exclude.

So, classically speaking, women do not look at conventional male heterosexual porn, while men do not look at the often equally prurient materials conventional women indulge in.

I recall once, utterly desperate for words in a row, resorting to what seemed to be a perfectly conventionally marketed 'bodice-ripper' romance. It curled my nose hairs! And did it without resorting to a single anglo-saxon phrase, somehow making it "not porn." Indeed, it wasn't even labeled as erotica.

I started to poke around, wondering if anyone else had noticed this, and if so, what they were doing about it. I created several sites and services - including a somewhat well-known adult link and review site - revolving around that, as well as maintaining earlier ones that were dealing with direct sexual abuse. There were a LOT of people exploring the new opportunities for sexual expression the internet offered - and for every one that would make you want to toss your cookies, there were two that would make your jaw drop in either amazed appreciation or amused and puzzled incomprehension.

There is really gross stuff out there, no question. Far more is not at all grotesque because (thank ghu) most people do not have the kinks that make the truly grotesque attractive. However, if you are heavily invested in maintain the social sexual status quo, it's the good stuff (in my humble opinion) that will truly screw with your preconceptions and cause you to wonder if the assumptions about yourself and your sexuality imposed by family and culture are, in fact true for you, or even true at all.

And I note that such explorations will indeed result in screen after screen of nakedly pulsing and throbbing exultations. And if in exploring such things, one finds that one's sexuality is incomputable with one's partner and/or social matrix, it could lead to the dissolution of a relationship. It certainly will if one or both freak out and forget they are grown-ups with genuine obligations.

But the pornography - the naked flesh upon the screen, this act or that act - is not what caused the problem. The problem was merely exposed by it, the revelation that there really ARE other people who feel the same way. The fact that a pornographic genre exists at all implies a large enough audience to make it worthwhile - and that translates to "I am not alone!"

That is the important thing to understand here: Pornography is a form of communication which transmits real and important ideas and concepts - ideas that should, and really must be examined and explored more honestly if we ARE to address the very real damage done to thousands of very real people by the twin enforcers of conventional morality - our churches, and the permitted exceptions to blanket suppression of pornographic speech.

That's a critically important discussion. And it is also a discussion that, in order to be comprehensible and meaningful, is pornographic by definition. Permalink to full story.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Moaning Lisa and Kyle

Moaning Lisa and Kyle
Originally uploaded by seanbonner
By way of illustrating the previous post, here's Kyle with Moaning Lisa and her piezoelectric pussy. Permalink to full story.

Women are like a Videogame, artist says.

Moaning Lisa: A Blow-Up Doll, Upgraded

She looked at me with her motion detectors as I rubbed the piezoelectric sensor between her thighs. Then I spun the potentiometers that jutted out from her chest like nipples. But it wasn't until I stroked the piezosensor on the back of her neck that she began to moan, first quietly and then loudly, like a thousand women reaching orgasm together.

The article, written by Annalee Newitz of alternet AlterNet describes an installation at Arse Elektronika, "a conference in San Francisco last week devoted to pornography and technological innovation." [Her creator, Matt Ganucheau] "..designed Moaning Lisa specifically for Arse Elektronika, with help from conference organizer Kyle Machulis, to demonstrate the videogame-like properties of the human body. Ganucheau used neural network processing in her programming, and the result is that her responses are randomized. Each time you try to give Moaning Lisa an orgasm, your sensor stroking has to follow a slightly different pattern."

I don't quite know what to think of it, or his reasoning behind not creating a male version. Men, apparently, are just too easy. Just grab the joystick, jam down the button and head straight for that Big O in the sky.

Me, I think it's a little more complicated than that, and of all the things this reminds me of, it reminds me most of a hardwired simulator I saw in the seventies - the "limits to growth" simulator, where no matter what you did, eventially the earth perishes from overpopulation.

It's a novel idea, but I think perhaps the simulator is simulating what the artist has in mind more than the actual behavior of an extremely complex system.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fifty of these are out there, somewhere

BDSM Emblem

BDSM Emblem

Get this custom keychain at Zazzle

Someone just ordered fifty copies of this BDSM Emblem keychain from my Zazzle store. I've made a few sales here and there of this image, which I think of as stunningly beautiful, but this is my first bulk sale - and it tells me that someone thinks they can resell 49 of them. (I hope they want one for their OWN keys!)

The whole point to the BDSM emblem (and my own varient) is to discreetly advertise interest in the art and orientation of BDSM. But of late, I've been coming to think of BDSM as being far more about what people agree NOT to do, as opposed to what they prefer to do.

First and foremost, BDSM is a system of ethics - and the more I think of it, the more I realize that the ethics devised for sadomasochistic games apply to any form of power exchange. Like, say, US Citizenship.

The first statement of the ethos of BDSM is "Safe, Sane and Consentual." Well, when you think of it, our current administration operates on values that mean that none of the above is true, and by these standards, any member, up to and including George Bush would be ejected from any BDSM group as conspicuous perps and abusers.

George, when you cannot even aspire to the moral standards of we who proudly describe ourselves as "drooling, giggling, *twirling* perverts" ... maybe it's time to take a break from public life. I understand you are still probably welcome in Dubai.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pastel Envy

Every once in a while I stumble across a really interesting artist with an erotic edge plus a twist. I'd like to introduce you to Daniella Uhlig. Daniella goes from innocence to corruption seamlessly, with stops along the whole psycological spectrum. I dare you to predict what the hell to expect from the thumbnails at the link above - it's like artistic russian roulette - every single image turns out to be something not quite what you had expected.

(Her Deviant Art Page is a great way to keep abreast of her work. Heck, keep both!)

Daniella has quite a few prints available through Deev, so you might want to wander over there to see if you have a hole in your art collection... Permalink to full story.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Retro Punk Pinkup By Ariel McMillion framed artwork at

One reason for this blog is that it gives me the place to put wonderful, sexy things when I run across them. Ariel McMillion is a fellow ImageKind Gallery owner, and has quite a selection of his pinup art for your enjoyment. Hey, if you own a bar and need some great art to spice it up - check out his gallery.

Retro Punk Pinkup By Ariel McMillion :

Originally featured as full-page pinup art in Slitz magazine, Stockholm, Sweden, this alluring piece features a rose-haired, tattooed, lollipop-sucking nude beauty at the wheel of a classic American gas-guzzler, framed in celluloid the color of money. Can little Johnny say "decadence"?
Now, I was intending to brag about my own art, but when I got there, there were kudos in my inbox from Ariel, and I had to go look. Well, I liked what I saw well enough to give him top billing, but now it's my turn. I've just uploaded a couple of new images, and I'd like to show you this one in particular.

This is Eve. And at 36x27" it's just the thing to turn your rec room into a proper bar. It's one of my earlier photomanipulations, and I was surprised and delighted to find it again. By the way, this is probably the perfect "apartment-warming" gift for the young bachelor.
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Top 10 banned books of the 20th Century

How many of these have you read? It's my feeling that you cannot be truly educated until you have read and considered things you "shouldn't."

Thinking the unthinkable is the basis for developing a robust system of ethics that is not easily overridden by some authority figure.
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Top 10 Banned Books of the 20th Century
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Right, Girl, suck all the fun out of it...

hot lesbian sex

Cathryn Michon, writing in iVillage, speaks of "girl crushes" and how they lead, ideally, to mellow friendship and not hot girl on girl action.

She's So Fine: The Anatomy of a Girl Crush Annotated
A recent New York Times article postulates that one thing men and women have in common is that we both get crushes on women. This interests me greatly because I just went through a bad "girl breakup" that was the result of a "girl crush."

If you ever try to discuss the topic of girl crushes with a man, his eyes instantly glaze over and you automatically know it's because he is hearing the "do-wacka-wacka" of cheesy porn music in his head. Sometimes you have to clap your hands together really loudly right in front of his face just to pull him out of his catatonic state.

No, it's not that kind of "girl-on-girl action." A girl crush is where you meet a woman whose sense of style or brilliant achievements or personal charisma makes you kind of adore and worship her.

She then goes on to explain very clearly why developing a relationship that is based on an unexamined mutual attraction can lead to bad relationships, based on unspoken commonalities that can - and perhaps should - change.

Amen, sister, amen.

Our subconscious minds are rather good at grabbing our groins as a means to getting us to make changes we should make or proceed in directions we should go. But, alas, our subconscious is no smarter on it's own than it is in concert with our conscious minds, and it certainly isn't verbal. It pays to learn to take those lubricious urges very seriously - and think about what the old hind-brain might be trying to say; if not before, certainly afterward.

And I would like to point out that while hot lesbian sex might not have changed anything in the long or short run you would at least have had *hot* *lesbian* *sex*. I'm not so much advocating it as I am gently poking fun at the author's need to immediately rule out anyone thinking she had had *hot* *lesbian* *sex* with one of her crushes. Gee, all of the unpleasant hormonal whipsawing and no payoff? Does sex somehow devalue the basis for the crush? It seems like a poor reason to suffer a needless bout of Green Disease.

To the extent that this apparent dynamic reflects the absurd tragicomedy of the male "Madonna/Whore" double bind, it's, well, I suppose I expect more of women as intuitive social beings. The whole "I wouldn't be caught dead in a serious relationship with anyone slutty enough to want to have sex with me" is, from any perspective or sexual orientation, evidence of a serious issue of self worth - and projection.

But on the other paw, I've often observed that Lesbianism is not as significantly a gender preference as it is a culture with a distinct approach to and understanding of sexuality. Yes, the overwhelming gender preference of Lesbians tends to obscure that, but once you have known a few, you start to realize that an interest in bumping fuzzies is truly the least significant difference. Further, there are many women who have a sexual preference for women who work within a much more classically male/male or male/female dynamic. It's these exceptions that illuminated the rule for me.

I encourage everyone - of all sexual orientations and preferences, to try it out at least as a thought-experiment. Males do have to make some adaptations. For instance, falling asleep immediately is just rude and wrong. If it's unavoidable, request that your partner awaken you in fifteen minutes so you can snuggle and process.

Yes, this is referring to the classic joke about lesbian sex - an hour of sex followed by three hours discussing the meaning and implications. The joke implies that to be a silly female thing, but it can save you from making either more or less of what happened than you should. That doesn't seem inconsequential to me.

Sex is the expression of the sexuality, urges, needs , comfort and security drives of the persons within a relationship. How could that NOT be worth talking about, if you value that relationship beyond the moment?

I think one of the most important things I have learned from the lesbians I've known over the years is that there is no hard "line" between affection, snuggling, fooling around, physical play and sex.

For most that I've known, it's part of a whole while for most men I've known, gay and straight, it's distinctly separable and most seem to prefer it that way. Personally, I can't imagine wanting that, much less settling for it. While I know that mileage does vary dramatically, I still see the vast majority of people settling for less than they want and need for the sake of a mistaken propriety, or worse yet, seeking out in private what they deny to themselves and others in public.

This has led to so much conflict, death and madness in our culture that it's time that we suck it up and decide to be honest about these things, at least with ourselves. Face it, girls. While a "pash" is not the same thing as the sort of crush a boy has on a girl, it's not entirely asexual either. There is a physical component. There are physiological effects that could and often do lead to a walk on the wild side. It's common enough that in some cultures and contexts, it's considered to be a normal teenage phase of sexual development.

So factor that in. Admit it to yourself. Then do, or do not as seems best, informed by your ethics, your morals and common sense. Remember that whether or not you admit it, our sexual urges and our personal sexualities are part of the whole package that makes another person attractive or unattractive to us, whether or not they are of a gender we will choose to have sex with. Permalink to full story.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Amusingly Perverse

rubber bunny, originally uploaded by battaolo.

By way of introduction to European artist battaolo, who has a way of playing with Japanosorie - until it screams.

This link would be NSFW - but as you will have to log in (or create an account) and then adjust your filters to see much of his work, it's quite safe - and his "safe" items are equally brain bending.

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Hmm: Internet porn prevents rapes (Slate, Oct 2006)

The article has an interesting couple paragraphs on porn:

"Similarly, psychologists have found that male subjects, immediately after watching pornography, are more likely to express misogynistic attitudes. But as professor Kendall points out, we need to be clear on what those experiments are testing: They are testing the effects of watching pornography in a controlled laboratory setting under the eyes of a researcher. The experience of viewing porn on the Internet, in the privacy of one's own room, typically culminates in a slightly messier but far more satisfying experience—an experience that could plausibly tamp down some of the same aggressions that the pornus interruptus of the laboratory tends to stir up.

In other words, if you want to understand the effects of on-screen sex and violence outside the laboratory, psych experiments don't tell you very much. Sooner or later, you've got to look at the data."
clipped from

How the Web Prevents RapeAll that Internet porn reduces sex crimes. Really.

Does pornography breed rape? Do violent movies breed violent crime? Quite the opposite, it seems.

First, porn. What happens when more people view more of it? The rise of the Internet offers a gigantic natural experiment. Better yet, because Internet usage caught on at different times in different states, it offers 50 natural experiments.

The bottom line on these experiments is, "More Net access, less rape." A 10 percent increase in Net access yields about a 7.3 percent decrease in reported rapes. States that adopted the Internet quickly saw the biggest declines. And, according to Clemson professor Todd Kendall, the effects remain even after you control for all of the obvious confounding variables, such as alcohol consumption, police presence, poverty and unemployment rates, population density, and so forth.
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Joycelyn Elders Was Right

We should be teaching masturbation in schools. I do wonder if there is a similar protective effect for women who ejaculate?

BBC NEWS | Health | Masturbation 'cuts cancer risk': "Masturbation 'cuts cancer risk'

Researchers were assessing prostate cancer riskMen could reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer through regular masturbation, researchers suggest.

They say cancer-causing chemicals could build up in the prostate if men do not ejaculate regularly.

And they say sexual intercourse may not have the same protective effect because of the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted infection, which could increase men's cancer risk.

Australian researchers questioned over 1,000 men who had developed prostate cancer and 1,250 who had not about their sexual habits.

They found those who had ejaculated the most between the ages of 20 and 50 were the least likely to develop the cancer."

Now, that's good news for a lot of us... Permalink to full story.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

79 Laugh-Out-Loud Ways to Get Rid of Mr. Wrong - annotated and amplified

79 Laugh-Out-Loud Ways to Get Rid of Mr. Wrong

Although Elle advice columnist E. Jean Carroll writes mostly about how to find the man of your dreams in her latest book Mr. Right, Right Now!, she reserved the last witty chapter to show women how to drive men away, which you have to admit is pretty tempting at times. But best of all, you don't have to be in the market for ridding yourself of Mr. Wrong to enjoy her hilarious suggestions below. Take a look!

Oh, can we play too?

Best Way #1. Always end arguments by turning some deeply private secret he's confided to you...against him. Then add, "Screw you, you slobbering half-wit!"

1.5 Even Better Way: Stage an intervention. Include his parents and siblings if possible, but make sure that at very least, his boss, co-workers and closest friends are there.

7. Ask him once a week, "So, where do we stand?"

8. Or, if you prefer a more dramatic scrotum-tightener, ask, "So, where do we stand as a couple?"

8.5. At the worst possible, most awkward moment concevable, ask "Do you think I'm pretty?" If you are damn sure the answer will be an unthinking "yes," add " Angela Jolie."

8.6 Wake him up to ask these questions. For each one. The night before a critical early meeting. After all, there's nothing more important to you than your relationship.

8.6.5 Remind him of that constantly.

23. Ask him about his "personal feelings concerning the relationship" while he's watching the final two minutes of the seventh game of the NBA championship series. If he doesn't hear you, snap off the TV and hurl the remote out the window.

23.5. For extra points, stage this scene in public during a tense conversation with a social rival.

28. Is he feeling a tad overwhelmed by the serious turn your affair is taking? Surprise him with loads of expensive gifts for no reason.

28.5 For extra points, get your mom and sister to do it.

28.6 Make sure it's clothing designed to remake his entire image into something "acceptable" and alien to his entire being.

66. Trick him, dupe him, deceive him with every breath you take

-- i.e., follow The Rules.

Oooh, catty much? Not that she's wrong on this point. Viz:
66.5 Sleep with his best friend in order to learn deep secrets he won't tell you. For usage, see #1.

76. If you earn more money than he does, make sure you boost his ego by letting him pay for absolutely everything.

76.5. If he doesn't have the money, slip it to him! After all, it's not whether he can afford it, it's that everyone THINKS he can. Because, well, you wouldn't be dating a LOSER, right?

And one whole new one....

80. Make sure he knows you have standards and expect him to live up to them. Should he actually do that, raise the bar immediately!

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Japi Honoo to exibit in Atlanta

This starts out with an excited Myspace blast from artist friend, Japi Honoo.

Japihonoo exhibition in Atlanta
mood excited!!!!!!
Sorry for late news... but from June 8, 2007 through August 4, 2007, is start my exhibition with Jack O'Hearn in a dual show at Nozoku Gallery!!!

If some one live near Atlanta will be nice go to see my image not more in virtual mode...

this is what nozoku gallery wrote:

Jack O'Hearn and Japi Honoo will be exhibiting in Atlanta for the first time, although they are no strangers to the art scene. O'Hearn has an established national following, while Honoo has made a name for herself internationally. ... Japi Honoo sends her love from Venice, Italy, as well her imaginative digital works that subscribe to her motto, "No rules, no rationality, no prototypes: simply real, self-sufficient one-offs." Without being too dark, Honoo's work is "symbolic realities full of sensuality, surreal characters and landscapes balanced on the edge between nightmares and bliss."

This is the second time I've featured her work. Japi Honoo's vision is exactly the sort of thing I had in mind when I started Erotic Truth; a way of looking at the erotic impulse from a completely new and challenging direction. Here are a couple more examples why you should be familiar with her work. I suggest you pass this on to everyone you might know in the Atlanta area. At the very bottom, you'll find a link to her site.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Meet Monica of Monica Comic

Monica of

Monica is a Spanish comic book artist I found while browsing Imagekind to find out who the competition is, and I have to turn you on to her site.

Her comic book style art is stunning, detailed, sensuous and while it's cheesecake in every respect, it's also distinctly individual and delightfully whimsical. It is nonetheless highly charged, sexually.

Ah, those Europeans, who see our prissy American attempts to separate erotica and porn to be an amusing little self-delusion!

butterflies!I don't often do this, but I put one of her wallpapers up on my computer. I'm betting my wife will love it too. I wish I could afford to buy one of her art prints - I may save up, or I may settle for a cafepress poster version of this, my favorite image of hers.

I was less impressed with the online samples of the adult comics she's illustrated; my Spanish is very very very limited, but I could tell that in many cases I didn't really want to know. But she's clearly not a hack artist - and I'd love to see her try her hand at a mass-market mainstream title, like "Spider Man" or "The X-Men" or take on a seriously adult graphic novel for Dark Horse Comix.

Anyway, she's someone to keep an eye on, and if you collect comic book or erotic art, you probably will want a "Monica" of your own.

Oh, do you offer signed prints? If you do love, drop us a comment! Permalink to full story.

Friday, June 08, 2007

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.: FGM from an African, Muslim and Female point of view....

Of all the horrifying things people do to one another in the name of culture, their idiot ideas of what "the good book says" or in the name of preserving the virginity of their daughters - Female Genital Mutilation is one of the most horrifying.

And one of the most misunderstood.

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.: FGM from an African, Muslim and Female point of view....: "FGM from an African, Muslim and Female point of view....
In Islam, if a woman is not sexually satisfied, she has the right to divorce her husband."

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ABC, The Darlings and the Exploitation of Paris Hilton.

This just goes to show that you can abide by every FCC guideline there is, to the letter, and still produce total sleaze that would embarrass a pornographer.

ABC Promotes Their 'Love For Paris' In 'Dirty Sexy' Plug

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (June 9, 2007) - Is ABC using Paris’ troubles to promote their new show?

It certainly appeared that way today to LA.

Plenty of people are asking about the message attached to an airplane, which was flying over Paris Hilton’s house in LA earlier today.

ABC's Sleazy Stunt
Access Hollywood

The message read “We Love Paris: The Darling Family.”

ABC is launching a new show in the fall, “Dirty Sexy Money,” about a ridiculously rich family whose last name, not coincidentally, is… Darling.

Now, were I Paris, or any other member of the rediculously rich Hilton family, I do believe I'd be offended. It's not so much the allegation as the exploitation.

I do know that the exploitation of Paris Hilton's notiriety offends me. Frankly, it always has - I'm probably the last breathing male with internet access who hasn't seen her sex video. I consider her a vapid, uninteresting and unskilled twat; not a flattering judgment, I'll grant. But she's a vapid, uninteresting, unskilled twat with rights.

And more to the point, why is ABC (the Disney-owned "family channel" running something that makes Dallas look like a morality play and promoting it with this offensive and exploitative campaign?

Between this and the Don Imus thing, I'm getting a clearer picture of ABC's "Family Values."

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

For Grads and Father's Day

Proud Daddy's 4.00 BLONDE shirt

Proud Daddy's 4.00 BLONDE

Get this custom shirt at Zazzle

I love messing with stereotypes, and with zazzle customization, you can mess around right along with me. Enter the exact gpa and any other text you'd like, then celebrate appropriately.
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Monday, April 30, 2007

Natural Girl

relax 5x7
Originally uploaded by Bob King.
I just needed to make some art today, and fortunately, a flickr friend was available - virtually.
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And this didn't even win...

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Monday, April 23, 2007

More Frequent Posting - but...

I'm looking forward to creating more frequent entries, as I manage various communites heare and there, and stumble upon things. Sometimes I Literally stumbleupon things.

One of the best ways to get my attention is to literally stumble it at me.

So if you find something you think I'd like, just send it to and let nature take it's course. Permalink to full story.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Danwei TV Hard Hat Show: Muzi Mei Sex Blogger

The world around - everyone hates John Ashcroft - even when they don't know who he is, they know what he stands for.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Japi Honoo - Erotic Surrealist

And as a picture is worth a thousand words, I think few of mine are needed. Click the picture to visit the site. Oh, and this from the artist:

Prints can be purchased at DeviantArt.prints
for information on images which aren't available yet, please contact me by email.

If you are a serious collector, I'd suggest you get right on that. Permalink to full story.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Please visit our sponsor - or is it the other way around? Beautiful nude models is a very unique site, and my love for it goes back to when I was running - now not mine and not linked.

Beautiful women - domai.comAt the time I was running a reviewed link site for the adult web, and Domai was one of the few listings that I had added on my own hook, as I recall. I used it to floss my brain after rejecting some particularly grotesque site.

One thing about Domai is that it is a unique site, devoted to the positive, personal and non fetishized nude female. Despite the nudity, these images are more akin to the best sports action photography or the most stunning wildlife images. They are stunning, beautiful. Compelling. Oh, right, they aren't wearing clothes.

It really is about the third thing to hit you, and on fourth thought, you realize that if they were, or shot so it was, it would be annoying and distracting. In other words, no more than you have come to expect. is a site I'd enthusiastically recommend to anyone, especially to people who need to see how uplifting and beautiful what the best can be, to understand that in this - and by extension, in most other cases - the difference between the sacred and the profane is a matter of perspective and choice.

This is portraiture of women as individuals, and in it's obvious exploration of nude photography as a collaboration between talented equals, it is on a par with the very best of Lesbian Aesthetic photography, an equivalent respect for the model, but from a male perspective.

There is a zen sort of feel to Domai, an aesthetic and an ethos. There are, for instance, no pop ups, no sales previews, no stealth code and a generous amount of ever-changing materials for people like me, who simply cannot justify the time to enjoy such a site, but would like a moment of pure beauty from time to time.

Speaking personally, I am extremely picky about who and I directly promote - I feel that my reputation is affected by it, and this is even more true when there's money on the table.

I feel affiliation with reflects well on me, rather than the other way around, and if you take issue with the art here, you will certainly have issues with my own work.

The founder, Eolake Stobblehouse, is generous with his gentle wisdom, his appreciation of beauty, and his bandwidth, and if you have a love for the pure art of the nude - I cannot think of a better, more rewarding way to spend a few dollars.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

When Morality Becomes Idiocy - the prosecution of sexually exploited children.

I'd have more to say about this - but I'll defer to an expert. Besides, if you need an explanation as to why this is fundamentally unethical, immoral and operationally stupid, you probably wouldn't read my blogs anyhow...

Change the System!

A child can not legally consent to sex, so why does our system prosecute child prostitutes as criminals? Once locked up they receive virtually no counseling, psychological care, or help finding a safe place to live. Sadly, when young people get out of lock up, they usually return to the streets. Experts agree that prosecuting sexually exploited young people further traumatizes them and makes it more difficult for them to create any kind of stability in their lives. Sign up for the National Juvenile Justice Network email list and raise your awareness. Learn about how you can support valuable legislation and care for children who need your voice, awareness and light.

(As with all of my posts of this nature ~ please re-post and share freely.)

[EDIT: Just to clarify, I am speaking of American girls. If these girls were not American citizens they would be protected under immigrant sex trafficking laws. But because they are American citizens they do not qualify for the benefits and services given to non-citizens. We just need to recognize valid need for our protection. They have slipped through a very large crack.]
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Artwith Designs

Wearable Latex Art
showcases a complely new medium of wearable art in styles any goth would club a bunny for. (Somewhat Iffy for Work)

Their stuff is so good that I've featured them in my Beautiful Things column, and they'll stay there until something else catches my eye.

Here's what they have to say about themselves:

It is our pleasure to bring you a unique and fun idea, perfect for those who possess a rare sense of personal style… Wearable Latex Art!

Each piece of ARTWITH Designs Wearable Latex Art is a handcrafted original, signed and dated by the artist, no two pieces are exactly a like. We do not use molds or die cutting, everything is squeezed out of a "squeeze" bottle: a combinationof drawing, sculpting and painting.

Now, I'm so not goth; I'm punk if anything, and most of what they offer would clash with my entire aura. Nonetheless, it transcends my my dislike for many of the themes and motifs. It's damn hard for any artist in any medium to do that, so be impressed. I honestly think that these are very collectible, investment-grade artworks, aside from the novelty and fun factor and the prices are exceptionally reasonable.

You can find them at their website, but their Myspace is somewhat more user-friendly, and of course, it's Myspace, go friend them and keep up to date on what they have for you to drool over. Permalink to full story.

Monday, March 26, 2007

A new alt-space by Alternative Magazine

Meet Lexilee on Altspace

She's a twenty-year old alt-model from Birmingham, UK and she's featured on this new-to-me "myspace" type alternative community that is sponsored by the UK-Based Alternative magazine.

ALTSPACE - , works just like myspace, but it's specific to the tats and piercings crowd - which makes it a fine place to seek out new and different erotic truths. Permalink to full story.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Your Valentine Here

This great Valentine's Card template lets you make a great impression this Valentine's Day. Grab an image of his or her website, or a picture of you and put it somewhere handy. Write a verse or two of poetry and clipboard it. Then click on the template and follow the prompts. Yes, it's THAT easy not avoid getting unlaid this Valentine's Day. Permalink to full story.

When you told us you were gay ...

I can't think of a more neglected "special occasion" than a "comining out." I suppose I'm strange that way, but I think a moment of such ... ah... outright courage deserves praise. And speaking as a parent, I'd have to say such lush opportunities come only a very, very few times in one's life. One should not neglect them. So, if you customize this card and target it especially for that festive young person who thought you had no clue... make sure you order two or three. You know, in case the original is lost.
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Thursday, January 11, 2007

From the mentality that gave us "don't ask, don't tell."

Teacher arrested under peeping-tom law - Yahoo! News

Ware was charged under a 2001 law meant to protect people from ultra-small cameras that can be used to peek into dressing rooms or up women's skirts. Under the law, filming a person without consent for sexual arousal is a felony.

...but merely watching teenagers wrestle and perform gymnastics in skintight Lycra fetish gear is perfectly OK - as long as you refrain from obviously masturbating.

Every time the Olympics or Pan-Am games comes around, we are treated with front-page crotch shots of apparently pre-pubescent gymnasts, who's fan bases sound as if they are not entirely unaffected by the Reuters-supplied "upskirt" images.

While it's admittedly impressive that these hormonally-depleted dwarfs can plant their tushies on their cutely pigtailed heads while doing a hand-stand, a side-view would be more impressive and less... suggestive.

But then, American Anti-pornography laws have always seemed to be less concerned with protecting women and children from sexual exploitation and more concerned with the social threat of calling attention to the plight of the exploited. So we all are supposed to pretend that there is no possibility that anyone looking at such displays of sweaty hard bodies rubbing against one another and posing to display their perfectly sculpted backsides would ever, ever cause the minds of good Church-going PTA members to stray. Proof to the contrary - as the above story shows - is entirely unwelcome!

Under current law, you can get far more time for possessing photographic evidence of a child being raped than for actually raping the child. Believe it or not. The penalty in law for raping your OWN child is often far lower than if you molest another person's child. But preserving evidence of EITHER act - that's FAR worse. You might make use of it in some socially-unapproved way, like, say, busting a child rapist.

It makes me question the legislative intent, and this new law causes me to wonder even more, along with the real (as opposed to the touted) morality of our nation.

I've been through the wars on this issue, from nearly every angle. I spent several years working in the capacity of online councilor with people who had grown up being molested and raped every day, people who finally broke down under the pressure of not being able to talk about it, people who faced crushing scorn and disbelief from entire organizations dedicated to spreading the idea that any allegation of incest was either the lie of a spiteful child or a therapeutically-suggested "false memory."

And the whole time there was a flood of evidence over in

But it's illegal for a survivor of such an event to have a photo proving that it occurred, much less computer records of the sort of search needed to find one, that's right out. "It's MY picture" is not an exception under the law, making this the one sort of crime where a search for evidence of a crime is in itself a crime. I find it increasingly difficult to believe this is an unintentional situation, especially in light of Right-Wing Christianist movements to legitimize and sanctify their patriarchal "ownership society," in which women and children can legally be kept isolated from any reality checks. This is why I'm deeply suspicious of the motives behind most homeschooling movements and most voucher programs. I've seen the alternatives they recommend as being more godly or "accurate." And I thought a public education was an exercises in badly presented social propaganda.

Prudery kills. Toxic secrecy kills. If you disbelieve me, check the suicide statistics for abuse survivors. Or spend an hour a week manning a suicide hot line.

It's a hell of a price to pay for the benefit of those folks who would prefer to believe that we ever lived in Mayberry.

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