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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ana Voog, preggers.

ana is pregnant and having a baby. Like most starving artists, she's short on margin for unexpected expenses. So am I, or I'd simply send her some money via her website. I'm sure that a lot of her lj and Myspace friends are in the same place on this and I'm sure there's a bunch of us that have stuff we make or do, so I was thinking, maybe an auction? I've got this astonishing bit of art that I did when I heard the good news. I'm thinking I could put up some signed prints. Who's in? Permalink to full story.

This would be perfect for the pool room.

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"The March of the Penguins," now on iTunes...


Via Ducky Doolittle, of course...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Best iPod Accessories EVER!

An iPod powered vibrator!

"OhMiBod is a sleek, sophisticated new generation of vibrator that combines elegance of design with the excitement of your favorite music. The audio enabled integrated microchip allows the OhMiBod to vibrate to the beat and rhythm of your music while you listen." -

(Thanks to alanesq!)

I think you might want to have a spare battery or maybe a power supply for that, toto. There's nothing like getting through almost all of The Bolero and missing the climax. Permalink to full story.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

So VERY not safe for work

A beautiful ad for... something. Shoes, perhaps? Pointer courtesty the immortal PTF via Philip_the_Foole

Along the way, I stumbled across a couple more urls worth your time, preserved below:

--- In, Graydancer wrote:
> My friend EdwardDain gave me a link to a video campaign from Arayal
> women's clothing that features very nice rope bondage. Stills and a
> link via (So very nicely not work
> safe!)
> Graydancer
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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Love is Love is Love

I think this would make an excellent Christmas present for a lot of people, especially when it comes from a family member. I have other things this basic design appears on, both on zazzle and on cafepress in but this design in particular is intended for those special, intrafamilial moments of healing and reconciliation.

You see, those words, on top and bottom, those are just there as placeholders. Oh, I figure "love is love is love" is a pretty good suggestion, but my URL can go away. You just edit it to something personal and meaningful.

The one I may possibly use is "You realize this means we expect twice as many grandchildren."

I don't think there's anything that a child of mine could do that would cause me to stop loving them - and sexual orientation would be the least of my concerns. Good Lord, there are so many worse things - like becoming a racist, or a right-wing evangelical, or a Republican fundraiser, a fate worse even than being a tax collector or pimp.

And even then, I would love them, as I feel is true of any God or Goddess worth respect and notice. (No, I'm not a pantheist; I simply don't presume to tell Him what Gender She should wear in my presence.)

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Some Fooleish Advice for the Young and Impressionable

Provoked: Body Image My first reaction to this post is "God, I feel old." I remember this exact same sort of discussion going on over tube tops and french cut jeans. Just a little bit older, and I bet I could remember it in reference to cashmere sweaters and poodle skirts - and Oh, the Horror!

Some argue that dressing in a provocative manner is empowering to young girls. They are free to express their sexuality and do not have to hide their sexuality as if it were something to be ashamed of. I believe in free speech, freedom of expression, and that it is good for people to feel free to express their sexuality. However, I do not think that young girls should be encouraged, even pushed, to be sexual before they are mature enough to have sex. Pollet and Hurwitz state that, “many adolescents embrace these products as a harmless and fun way to wield sexual power, defending their right to express themselves . . .” (Pollet, Hurwitz 20). Are they expressing themselves, or are they simply imitating a stereotypical image of what they believe femininity is? Young girls see so many images everyday of what femininity supposedly looks like, many young girls do not even consider that perhaps there are other ways to be feminine.

CBC [The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation] followed around a preteen for a day. When asked why young girls feel the need to dress sexy, the girl replied, “You get more attention and strange guys come up to you and try and get you to go to nightclubs.” ( Buying into Sexy… CBC). The fact that this preteen believes that a “reward” for dressing sexy is to have “strange guys” invite her to nightclubs is absolutely frightening. Pollet and Hurwitz say that young girls enjoy “. . . a coy yet brazen, look-but-don’t-touch sexual persona” (Pollet, Hurwitz 20). This off-limits but desirable look makes young girls feel powerful.

Now, it's not that I disagree with what's being said here, nor most of the conclusions being drawn. This viewpoint is at least more sophisticated than the common "cheerleader good, slut bad" sort of logic, where it seems that the distinction between "slut" and "cheerleader" is not the clothing, but the socially approved role. A role, by the way, that includes many of the very same boys as would that of the "slut," and in very many of the same positions.

In other words, if a girl is only sexually available under the correct circumstances, she is not a "slut." If she is social with sexual tension outside of a context where that tension is recognized as “appropriate”- actual sex has little to do with one's reputation. It has everything to do with controlling the sexual expression of girls, and without sneer quotes, for their own good. And it might actually work if the chosen mechanisms had some traction, and the motives were stated out loud, because… well, this idea hasn’t worked noticeably well any time during the rough half century I’ve been around, and my reading suggests that it didn’t work very well before then, either.

Yes, teens and pre-teen girls can get very infatuated with their ability to make boys walk into walls and generally behave like drooling, stunned oxen. Without the proper ethical structures and the ability and permission to set and defend boundaries, this can lead to very toxic circumstances - indeed, the exact circumstances you will find in any Jr. High, or High School.

The fact that sex education has become more moralistic and less factual has simply made this worse. People who live in a state of constant oppression are exquisitely sensitive to cognitive dissonances and the hypocrisy of the society around them. Different people respond to this in different ways; some conform, with the evident goal of becoming oppressors themselves one day, others rebel, either due to need-based necessity or out sheer stubborn unwillingness to play such an obviously perverted game. Those people tend to go toward the extremes; asexuality, or outright slutty. Some even excel!

I don't personally attach such a negative connotation to the word "slut" as most people would - because I've been exposed to "The Ethical Slut."

The Ethical Slut - and a variety of other books, such as Jay Wiseman's "SM 101" and "Different Loving" by The Brames grew out of the early ferment of the explosion of sexuality on the internet, when Ugol's Law became manifest.

Please note that Wiseman's work is linked below, while the Different Loving is not. I do not personally agree with many of the assumptions made and have disagreed with the Brames strongly and publicly over the years about their views about "Real Submissive Women." Nonetheless "Your Mileage May Vary," it's just that their advice is not so broadly applicable as they would like to believe it is.

By way of contrast, Generation SLUT offers a perspective that validates The Darkhaired Girl's" worst nightmares. I offer Hunter S. Thompson's review of this book by 20something author Marty Beckerman: "Good work, you morbid little bastard."

My own perspective is somewhat distinct from both: I feel that a significant part of this trend is that Christianist morality has become so fear based and so focused on the appearance of conformity that it manages to be completely useless, if not actively dangerous to persons who need practical guidance in private circumstances.

Moreover, traditional Christianist moralism has become completely irrelevant to the needs and desires of ordinary human beings who are still operating in the hormonal storm belt. There needs to be more practical sailing advice, because for most people, staying in the harbor until the weather clears isn't really an option. When morality fails us, we must turn to the ethical principles that morality is supposed to be founded on to see where we went wrong.

"An you harm none, do as you will" and "That which is hateful to you, do not do unto others; all the rest is commentary" are two of my favorite "rules of thumb" in regard to any behavior.

Like all rules of thumb, though, they require a bit of context to truly understand. For instance, in the first, which is a mostly Wiccan concept, the whole idea of "will" is among other things, about being authentically yourself and acting for your own, well considered and conscious reasons. If you are appearing to conform, it is not that you are going along with the herd, it's that you are in the midst of a crowd of individuals acting in concert, for reasons of their own, individual wills.

"An you harm none" is a conditional absolute. That is to say, it's a physical ideal that is impossible in practice; perfect observation would require perfect understanding of everyone you ever come in contact with, and all the possible consequences. Even more impossibly, it would require perfect self-knowledge.

But like all truly useful moral guidance, it is as useful in the breech as in compliance. In other words, when we make a mistake and do harm someone, it gives us a framework to understand how to avoid related actions and circumstances in the future.

And this leads me to the great fault of this otherwise interesting and useful bit of writing; the idea that there can be and should be "Safe self-expression."

NO form of self-expression is ever safe. There is always someone who will object or misunderstand, or take it as an excuse to violate your boundaries in some way. Many see that as a reason to restrict, even prohibit certain forms of self-expression that they consider dangerous, subversive or “icky.”

As if that ever worked. Sexuality oozes from our pores once puberty hits. Deluding ourselves that we are NOT sexual beings is outright folly. Only by admitting who and what we are to ourselves (at the very least) can we avoid the absurd and dangerous situations caused by stumbling around in a state of denial. Or in other words, if you don’t wish to act out badly (or do not wish others to), you have to first understand and speak out loud about why people do act out.

Mostly, they wish to get laid, for all the complicated reasons and rewards. And the reasons why Other People wish to keep you, and other folks from getting laid are complex and filled with contradictions, but it boils down to this; they would like to choose, or at least influence who and when you get laid, if other.

That’s not bad in itself, but in far too many cases, those doing that wishing won’t admit their reasoning to themselves. Sometimes, that’s because if they looked at it, there’s more than a little dog in the manger there; if they cannot lay you, none will.

My cynical view is that people who are unwilling to talk to their children about sex – well, it’s probably for the best. The gutter is probably a more sanitary place than their own personal reasons and rationalizations. Probably what they think of as morality, an anthropologist would refer to as a “conditioned aversion,” a “taboo” or “denial.” And that’s the problem. Too much moralism, not nearly enough sexual morality – as in examples of people who live a sexually moral life in full mindfulness of what they do and why.

What we need as a culture is a sane, practical-minded and useful approach to avoiding harm, both to oneself and to others under any circumstances that we may reasonably expect. That is the very essence of "morality." Practical, specific guides for behavior based on ethics and human nature, based not on shame and guilt, but example and praise.

Until there is such a thing, it's pointless to blame teenagers for rejecting what they see as foolish, impractical or actively silly ideas foisted upon them by often obviously delusional, neurotic adults.

Do you wish an example? Have you ever met a "preacher's kid?"

The Trained Stunt Pervert Trucker Hat
was created as a refrerence to my good Internet Friend, Phillip the Foole, who, I believe, actually coined the phrase. The Official Archive of Ancient Kung Foole Proverbs contains a depth of practical wisdom and practical moralty the author would be the first to disavow. But you could do far worse than to learn from his mistakes - and successes.

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dildos are helping the Terrorists!

It seems that evil forces from abroad are conspiring to make good, red-blooded Americans watch dildo-based videos.

Don't laugh, or you will go to hell, just like Molly Ivans will for attempting to "prove" that Texas sodomy laws are ridiculous.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Excerpt from my Yahoo! 360° - The Philosopher King - Introduction and Philosophy

Yahoo! 360° - The Philosopher King - Introduction and Philosophy: "
Here is a huge understanding that I've gained over the years. 'You cannot begin from anywhere other than where you are.'

There are lots of people that will offer you 'help' and 'spiritual guidance' that set as a precondition that you radically change who you are, what you do, who you associate with and most especially, what is the most important thing in your life.

This is foolish.

First, it's unethical to expect people to do anything like that as a precondition for help with their troubles.

Second, it's not truly possible. But they will come to harm trying - that's why it's unethical. If you accept such help, you must realize that what they are asking is for you to give up a portion of - well, for want of a better word, of your soul.

The principle is as true for you as it is for anyone else. You must stop expecting yourself to be someone other than who you actually are. Once you do that, then you can get down to the serious work of making what you are worthwhile.

The real trick to it is figuring out what it is you truly need to feel fulfilled, needed, wanted, beloved, useful and well-rewarded. Then you need to find and evolve a personal ethos that allows you to get there honestly and without harming or exploiting others." Permalink to full story.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

monochrome 02

monochrome 02, originally uploaded by ~yumi.

Yumi is a beautiful young lady looking for some exposure as a model. I think you can see that she's got the basics down quite well.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

29 mellow crop poster

29 mellow crop poster, originally uploaded by ClioLune.

Beautiful, isn't it? Oh, and isn't iteresting that your eyes can so easily fill in the missing lines? The human form is hardwired into our brains...

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Sunday, August 20, 2006


Imperfect, originally uploaded by Bum Fluff.

Gutsy and provocotive in a way no prude would ever have contemplated.

A longer exploration of this image at Graphictruth: "Imperfect" ?

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Fabio Borquez - Clothing women in Light

casisindecirnosnada, originally uploaded by fabio borquez.

Favio uses light and shadow in a way I find very familiar; it's similar to my own artistic process; to reduce an image to it's essentials, to carve away until I am showing what I think the model or the image is saying to me.

If you visit Borquez's photo-stream, you can see that he is engaged in a dialogue with his models; his art is as much portraiture, or collaboration as it is a consistent artistic vision.

There are a very, very few photographers of this caliber every generation, and I would strongly suggest that people invest in his work now, while it's affordable. Not just due to the investment value, of course - it will encourage him to do more and better work - and that will enrich everyone.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Shower Scene, Internal

Shower Scene, Internal, originally uploaded by Bob King.

Erotic images need not be explicit to be powerfully clear in their intent. I do not think this image could be more erotic than it is, no matter how many breasts and wabbly bits were added.

Now, this is not an argument against explicit images; to the contrary. It is an argument against prudery, for all prudery amounts to is seeing sexual connotations in everything.

A prude looking at this image will be offended and disturbed, probably about as much as if the image explicitly showed the subject masturbating with a waterproof vibrator.

But it's not the vibrator - seen OR unseen, or even it's existence that makes this image sexually moving. It's the clear expression of erotic self absorption. And yet, there is nothing in this image that would keep t from a "G" rating.

This is why I snap my fingers at anatomically driven ideas of what is "porn" and what is art.

Speaking personally, my nakedness has very little relationship to what's on MY mind, especially in the shower - and generally, a full -frontal image would prove that beyond doubt!

Artists such as myself have been coining money based on this sort of "plausible deniability" for at least a thousand years. We don't paint nekkid people for prurient reasons, oh no, never! We paint "classical scenes." And of course, in ancient Greece, all the women were pretty and mostly buck-nekkid.

Or shall we leer at the religious art of the Renaissance? Oh, those portraits of Sampson and Delilah.

Yep. And this image is no different. But I made it because I liked it, not to appeal to or repel prudes or those who appreciate sexual images and yet wish to avoid being officially busted for the porn on their walls.

It is a portrait of an actual person, from a photo she took herself. All I did was to de-emphasise the brestage so that you would notice the parts that were being sexual. - That is to say, her face, and presumably, her brain. Boobs, being mostly inert fatty tissue (not unlike the brains of prudes and many porn-surfers), are just along for the ride.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

On the matter of boobs, and what sort deserves more consideration.

I found this lingering on the spike. Very old news, and yet, likely to erupt again at any moment, because this is an issue that cannot, will not and should not go away.

Breast isn't best: readers tell US parenting magazine - Yahoo! News:

"The picture in Babytalk was aimed at illustrating the controversy surrounding breastfeeding in the United States, where a national survey by the American Dietetic Association found that 57 percent of those polled are opposed to women breastfeeding in public and 72 percent think it is inappropriate to show a woman breastfeeding on television programs.

Babytalk executive editor Lisa Moran said though most of those who responded to the poll about the cover photo gave the magazine a thumbs up, she was surprised that some 25 percent expressed outrage.

'There is a real puritanical streak in America,' Moran told AFP. 'You see celebrities practically baring their breasts all the time and no one seems to mind in this sort of sexual context.

'But in this very natural context of feeding your child, a lot of Americans are very uncomfortable with it.'"

It seems to me that this is such an wholesome and innocent image that taking offense at it amounts to a genuine perversion; a degree of fetishism and outright filthy-mindedness that it needs far more, widespread and consistent mockery.

The idea that a breast is always sexual and never just there is an astonishingly juvenile view. Sometimes breasts are sexy. Sometimes they are nurturing. And sometimes, I've been told, they get in the way. That's a more grown-up way of looking at boobs. Context matters. And the fact that a woman's breast is partially exposed when a baby is attached should not bother you. Why? Because babies are good things, and don't deserve having their feeding disrupted by their prudery, or stuffed under a hot blanket so that you are "spared" the vision of a nipple being used as nature intended.

When a breast is displayed partially covered by a scrap of fabric that manages to be just barely adequate in a legal sense, there is little outcry, even in the same context where people would be upset at this. Lo, the baby covers more than many bikini tops.

I've been long convinced that cultural taboos involving the human body create the very pervesions they are supposedly intended to prevent. While they may serve to spare the delecate sensiblities of a few prudes here and there, I question the legitamacy of that demand, or why rigid, shame based conentions that have the effect of warping our natural sexual behavior into paths that are often compulsive and distructive. It seems to me that a modicum of courtesy would be a far better way of going about not scaring the horse-faced. Permalink to full story.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The allure of the Vampyre

Kindred t-shirt

Ever since Bram Stoker brought Dracula into popular culture, there has been a magnetic sexual attraction to the entire concept of vampirism , when understanding the needs, drives and ethical challenges of the vampire would make a sane person snicker.

Unless the attraction is the needs, the drives and the ethical challenges - and possibly the struggles of being sane in the face of them.

Of late we have vampure role-playing games and, of course, such hit shows as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel."

It occurs to me that one of the things that appeals in the theme of vampirism is the identification with a social or sexual drive that is socially taboo, such as homosexuality, bisexuality and, of course, the unavoidably obvious references to sadomasochistic drives so well illustrated by Anne Rice.

The question is not whether vampire culture is a good thing or a bad thing, moral or immoral. The question is why there is such obvious allure and so many different ways of covertly exploring themes that, were they expressed in plain words, would have us imprisoned, committed or worse.

I'm in favor of safely exploring such concepts in ways that are not too close to the visceral bone, and I must confess being vulnerable myself to the image of a pale throat bared to me. That is very probably a signal that goes straight to the hind-brain. I've learned that the trick to these things is to explore them conciously, lest they explore me without my knowlege. The first approach may not lead to an ethical outcome, but the second absolutely will not. And ethical outcomes are, aside from all considerations of right and wrong, far less painful as a rule of thumb.

I am a very visual person obviously, and ordinarily I'd illustrate such an article with a pure picture. But there is no more powerful statement in our culture than literally wearing your literal desires on your shirt - in the daytime. I mean, who goes to a goth club in a t-shirt? It shows you just aren't trying.

This is intended as a mass-market item. The creator may be wrong or right on that point, but my gut speaks to me of obligatory rebellion, the proud, the defiant, the polymorphously "perverse" among us coming out of the closet, with our fangs bared.


Get this custom t-shirt at Zazzle
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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

40 eyelets....

40 eyelets...., originally uploaded by Miss Ruby Foo.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hello. I'm Bob King. Below is what I do.

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