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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Meet Monica of Monica Comic

Monica of

Monica is a Spanish comic book artist I found while browsing Imagekind to find out who the competition is, and I have to turn you on to her site.

Her comic book style art is stunning, detailed, sensuous and while it's cheesecake in every respect, it's also distinctly individual and delightfully whimsical. It is nonetheless highly charged, sexually.

Ah, those Europeans, who see our prissy American attempts to separate erotica and porn to be an amusing little self-delusion!

butterflies!I don't often do this, but I put one of her wallpapers up on my computer. I'm betting my wife will love it too. I wish I could afford to buy one of her art prints - I may save up, or I may settle for a cafepress poster version of this, my favorite image of hers.

I was less impressed with the online samples of the adult comics she's illustrated; my Spanish is very very very limited, but I could tell that in many cases I didn't really want to know. But she's clearly not a hack artist - and I'd love to see her try her hand at a mass-market mainstream title, like "Spider Man" or "The X-Men" or take on a seriously adult graphic novel for Dark Horse Comix.

Anyway, she's someone to keep an eye on, and if you collect comic book or erotic art, you probably will want a "Monica" of your own.

Oh, do you offer signed prints? If you do love, drop us a comment!

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