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Friday, June 08, 2007

ABC, The Darlings and the Exploitation of Paris Hilton.

This just goes to show that you can abide by every FCC guideline there is, to the letter, and still produce total sleaze that would embarrass a pornographer.

ABC Promotes Their 'Love For Paris' In 'Dirty Sexy' Plug

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (June 9, 2007) - Is ABC using Paris’ troubles to promote their new show?

It certainly appeared that way today to LA.

Plenty of people are asking about the message attached to an airplane, which was flying over Paris Hilton’s house in LA earlier today.

ABC's Sleazy Stunt
Access Hollywood

The message read “We Love Paris: The Darling Family.”

ABC is launching a new show in the fall, “Dirty Sexy Money,” about a ridiculously rich family whose last name, not coincidentally, is… Darling.

Now, were I Paris, or any other member of the rediculously rich Hilton family, I do believe I'd be offended. It's not so much the allegation as the exploitation.

I do know that the exploitation of Paris Hilton's notiriety offends me. Frankly, it always has - I'm probably the last breathing male with internet access who hasn't seen her sex video. I consider her a vapid, uninteresting and unskilled twat; not a flattering judgment, I'll grant. But she's a vapid, uninteresting, unskilled twat with rights.

And more to the point, why is ABC (the Disney-owned "family channel" running something that makes Dallas look like a morality play and promoting it with this offensive and exploitative campaign?

Between this and the Don Imus thing, I'm getting a clearer picture of ABC's "Family Values."

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