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Friday, September 18, 2009

Rediscovering Cecilia Tan

I still think there's something bizarre and strange about looking back at the days of Alt.Sex.Stories as "the good old days." I remember running into Cecilia Tan as Ctan on Usenet. Yes, before it was known as "The Internet." I was reading her early works on that newsgroup with a UUCP feed with a 14.4 dialup.
Uphill. Both Ways. In The Dark.

Now, life happened, and I kind of got distracted from making and enjoying erotic works; it seemed that speaking of the immediate ethical failures of Certain People was more important than crafting tales that - even then - were explorations of sexual ethics. I wrote a few, enough to learn just how difficult it is. But then, Ctan and a short list of others were the standard I measured myself against.

But of late I've returned to the field, concentrating on the Graphic Novel format, to discover that Ctan has not been significantly distracted at all. Her Circlet Press imprint has become one of the best known for quality erotic fiction, and may be found in your better book stores, while also providing discreet online fulfillment in print and electronic formats.

There's a significant distinction between erotica and porn; and way back when Ctan proved to me back then that the distinction was not about the amount of explicit sex. Ctan's sex scenes will melt your brain. Even if she's writing counter to your own sexual preference and orientation.

Trust me, that's hard. It's easily as difficult as writing a plausible antagonist who's entire worldview conflicts with you and your protagonist. And crafting a story with a lot of sex so that it's actually a story and not a way of getting from hello to squirt in the shortest number of words is exactly the same challeng as crafting a story with a lot of loud explosions.

If you can top Ctan - you can top Die Hard. You could probably top Die Hard without topping Ctan. Die Hard requires suspension of disbelief. Ctan seduces your belief. I am deeply envious.

Back then a new Ctan story was worth setting aside for dessert. Well, the more things change, the more things stay the same.

I have not yet read "The Prince's Boy." I skimmed part of chapter eight, and then I went back to the first (linked) episode, which has what may be the most compelling hook I've seen in a long time. I'm doing this for ME. Because I absolutely do intend to read it and I want to be able to find it.

It gripes me rather a lot that I can't set the time aside to do that right this instant,but I have deadlines too.

If you use twitter, you can keep up to date with Circlet Press. And - in keeping with the ethos of "Shared Pain is Diminished, Shared Joy Increased" - Circlet Press is twittering wonderful and painful excerpts from their slush pile @Circletslush.
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Monday, September 07, 2009

If you MUST shop at Wal-Mart... Wear the right shirt.

Sometimes, you just don't have a choice. The amount of money and the distance to payday says that you will be visiting Wal-Mart.

You may be aware that I make t-shirts. Some of them are rather naughty and/or political. Some few are outright rude. But now that I've seen this hilarious site, I see no downside to wearing them to Wal-Mart. Fa sure, there isn't a dress code here!

You could make people think - or you could make it onto The People Of Wal-Mart yourself.

So here's a few suggestions for shirts that you might think amusing to wear to Wal-Mart. Some are mine, some are from friends, some I found JUST for this post.

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