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Monday, July 14, 2008

Graphictruth: Tim Couch; Is he a Pedophile, an Idiot, or just a Republican?

Graphictruth: Tim Couch; Is he a Pedophile, an Idiot, or just a Republican?

Rep Tim "Creepy" Crouch wants to "keep your children safe" by ensuring they aren't harassed by "online bullies."

He intends to do this in such a way as to make sure that any pedophile with a website will have a legally unassailable reason for collecting your child's personally identifiable information. Oh, and yours too. Just in case they also happen to be into credit fraud. Permalink to full story.

"Por No" - Colombian Artist/Singer Innata's second album

Bad Pun + Good Art=Worth a Look

Above the fold, her "censored image" as shown in her blog story about the album. (you will need a translation, probably.)

Por No - The Uncensored Cover
Via Flickr
Wednesday, june 18th, 2008.

This early morning, the Colombian singer Innita do a short comeback to public arena and shock-press-conference at Santa Marta, Colombia, releasing officially “por no”, her first long album, following the successful 2006’s debut EP called “innita”. Her new album’s tunes are stronger, heaviest, more in styles like ebm, joan jett’s riffs, long guitar solos and thus, less in Pop. In the cover of this conceptual album she is wearing nothing but a pair of vegan boots, which have created all kinds of comments after her daddy’s ballet-dancer girl image 2 years ago. “por no” is now all-free download, featuring today the first single “Mozart was a lesbian” which is the opening-song.

Innita said she abandoned her studies 3 months ago after a happy incident , ( ), and then it was inspirational for working in full time of composing and writing of this 20-songs album, which deals about “mental nudism, emotional menstruation and scarlet fairy-tale characters as veganvampires” in her own words. About the explicit photo of the cover, she says is a “universal homage to nature and personal homage to ‘Puss in Boots’, one of my favorite tales”.

A long interview will be published anytime soon.

In her myspace site, from today, there is available 5 tracks (3 of her debuting 2006’s EP), free to download.

to be continued .....
continuar√° .....

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Hecho Tiempo Conmigo

Hecho Tiempo Conmigo, originally uploaded by Jen Villota.

For some of the most amazing, painstaking SL compositions revolving around, sex, pain, violence and death, you simply must visit Jen Villota's Flickr stream.

Caution - this is one of the very few that simply implies all these things, most crotch-kick you and shove it down your throat, with a tape-gag following it.

Wet, tacky and dangerous!

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

you are a f******** pig

you are a f******** pig
Originally uploaded by til01
This will SO not play in Peoria... but the point made about the typeface is really very correct.

I mean, should it not be as offensive as if it were done in Goudy Stout
or Impact?

And yet, it is not.
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Monday, July 07, 2008

The Sudbury Dryad's Last Repose (detail)

Detail from a very large image I just uploaded to Please click thru and give us some love...
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