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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Please visit our sponsor - or is it the other way around? Beautiful nude models is a very unique site, and my love for it goes back to when I was running - now not mine and not linked.

Beautiful women - domai.comAt the time I was running a reviewed link site for the adult web, and Domai was one of the few listings that I had added on my own hook, as I recall. I used it to floss my brain after rejecting some particularly grotesque site.

One thing about Domai is that it is a unique site, devoted to the positive, personal and non fetishized nude female. Despite the nudity, these images are more akin to the best sports action photography or the most stunning wildlife images. They are stunning, beautiful. Compelling. Oh, right, they aren't wearing clothes.

It really is about the third thing to hit you, and on fourth thought, you realize that if they were, or shot so it was, it would be annoying and distracting. In other words, no more than you have come to expect. is a site I'd enthusiastically recommend to anyone, especially to people who need to see how uplifting and beautiful what the best can be, to understand that in this - and by extension, in most other cases - the difference between the sacred and the profane is a matter of perspective and choice.

This is portraiture of women as individuals, and in it's obvious exploration of nude photography as a collaboration between talented equals, it is on a par with the very best of Lesbian Aesthetic photography, an equivalent respect for the model, but from a male perspective.

There is a zen sort of feel to Domai, an aesthetic and an ethos. There are, for instance, no pop ups, no sales previews, no stealth code and a generous amount of ever-changing materials for people like me, who simply cannot justify the time to enjoy such a site, but would like a moment of pure beauty from time to time.

Speaking personally, I am extremely picky about who and I directly promote - I feel that my reputation is affected by it, and this is even more true when there's money on the table.

I feel affiliation with reflects well on me, rather than the other way around, and if you take issue with the art here, you will certainly have issues with my own work.

The founder, Eolake Stobblehouse, is generous with his gentle wisdom, his appreciation of beauty, and his bandwidth, and if you have a love for the pure art of the nude - I cannot think of a better, more rewarding way to spend a few dollars.

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