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Sunday, June 29, 2008

We need to get these devices into our schools...

Japanese Sex Toy Culture

Is cultural acceptance of masturbation toys and lower birth-rate correlated? (PG)

The Japanese are famous for their love of technology as well as their embracing of sexuality, at least compared to most Western cultures. The combination of the two has produced a state-of-the-art sex doll that has led to a widescale sex doll fetish.

But it's also produced other devices, three of which I'll cover here.

A more compact and cheaper alternative is provided by the Japanese company Tenga, which has the tagline "New Adult Concept." This is a modern company all about new masturbation devices.

These cups come in various styles, each with their own color: "standard" is red, "hard" is black, and "soft" is white. A larger-size "U.S. Tanga" style (red with silver stripes) was the most recent edition (parallel to the recent development of larger-sized condoms in the U.S.).

Because this is Japan, where seemingly everything has to be sold through cute characters, each color even has their own anime girl character.

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Why? Well, because the Japanese are now complaining of a low birth rate - JUST as Jocelyn Elders predicted!!!!
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For the best in (spurious) Bore-Stroke Compatability

The most popular Penis-Reduction Placebos on the market today!

Oddly, this did not make it to the front page of Fark!

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  • Our boxes, approved by all shipping services, display our logo and name in large type on all six sides.
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    Satire in a bottle! Irony in a capsule! Perhaps the best 9.95 you could ever waste!

    Especially if you send it to a Republican Politician who insists on dicksizing the rest of the world.
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