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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Artwith Designs

Wearable Latex Art
showcases a complely new medium of wearable art in styles any goth would club a bunny for. (Somewhat Iffy for Work)

Their stuff is so good that I've featured them in my Beautiful Things column, and they'll stay there until something else catches my eye.

Here's what they have to say about themselves:

It is our pleasure to bring you a unique and fun idea, perfect for those who possess a rare sense of personal style… Wearable Latex Art!

Each piece of ARTWITH Designs Wearable Latex Art is a handcrafted original, signed and dated by the artist, no two pieces are exactly a like. We do not use molds or die cutting, everything is squeezed out of a "squeeze" bottle: a combinationof drawing, sculpting and painting.

Now, I'm so not goth; I'm punk if anything, and most of what they offer would clash with my entire aura. Nonetheless, it transcends my my dislike for many of the themes and motifs. It's damn hard for any artist in any medium to do that, so be impressed. I honestly think that these are very collectible, investment-grade artworks, aside from the novelty and fun factor and the prices are exceptionally reasonable.

You can find them at their website, but their Myspace is somewhat more user-friendly, and of course, it's Myspace, go friend them and keep up to date on what they have for you to drool over.

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