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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hello Kitty Underwear - Hello Kitty Hell

Via Hello Kitty Hell, evidence that we may be going to hell in a very cute and overpriced pink plastic hand-basket.

While I find everything Hello Kitty disturbing, there are some things that turn up the disturbed barometer a bit more than others. I’m still having trouble figuring out if this Hello Kitty underwear that Sanrio is producing in multiple patterns is for boys or girls:

In either case, they are just plain wrong. And a closer look tells you just how wrong they are. What exactly is Hello Kitty trying to sell here?

Yes, you read that correctly. This is Hello Kitty kid’s underwear with “Juicy and Sweet” right across the crotch and the question “Want a bite?” directly above. I’m not too sure how appropriate that is for adult underwear, let alone children’s. Then again, it doesn’t seem like Sanrio is having much of a problem selling adult themed products masquerading as something else these days…

Of course, the native Japanese licensing deals are even stranger and if possible, more inappropriate. Say hello to Hello Kitty Douche. A highly reccomended blog for those who both hate and love Hello Kitty, with apparently inexhaustible depths of plausibly deniable cartoon depravity left to plumb. It makes me want to whomp up a Hello Kitty Tentacle Monster, but I am half afraid it might turn out to be a violation of an existing Sanrio copyright...

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