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Monday, August 14, 2006

Shower Scene, Internal

Shower Scene, Internal, originally uploaded by Bob King.

Erotic images need not be explicit to be powerfully clear in their intent. I do not think this image could be more erotic than it is, no matter how many breasts and wabbly bits were added.

Now, this is not an argument against explicit images; to the contrary. It is an argument against prudery, for all prudery amounts to is seeing sexual connotations in everything.

A prude looking at this image will be offended and disturbed, probably about as much as if the image explicitly showed the subject masturbating with a waterproof vibrator.

But it's not the vibrator - seen OR unseen, or even it's existence that makes this image sexually moving. It's the clear expression of erotic self absorption. And yet, there is nothing in this image that would keep t from a "G" rating.

This is why I snap my fingers at anatomically driven ideas of what is "porn" and what is art.

Speaking personally, my nakedness has very little relationship to what's on MY mind, especially in the shower - and generally, a full -frontal image would prove that beyond doubt!

Artists such as myself have been coining money based on this sort of "plausible deniability" for at least a thousand years. We don't paint nekkid people for prurient reasons, oh no, never! We paint "classical scenes." And of course, in ancient Greece, all the women were pretty and mostly buck-nekkid.

Or shall we leer at the religious art of the Renaissance? Oh, those portraits of Sampson and Delilah.

Yep. And this image is no different. But I made it because I liked it, not to appeal to or repel prudes or those who appreciate sexual images and yet wish to avoid being officially busted for the porn on their walls.

It is a portrait of an actual person, from a photo she took herself. All I did was to de-emphasise the brestage so that you would notice the parts that were being sexual. - That is to say, her face, and presumably, her brain. Boobs, being mostly inert fatty tissue (not unlike the brains of prudes and many porn-surfers), are just along for the ride.

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