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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Fabio Borquez - Clothing women in Light

casisindecirnosnada, originally uploaded by fabio borquez.

Favio uses light and shadow in a way I find very familiar; it's similar to my own artistic process; to reduce an image to it's essentials, to carve away until I am showing what I think the model or the image is saying to me.

If you visit Borquez's photo-stream, you can see that he is engaged in a dialogue with his models; his art is as much portraiture, or collaboration as it is a consistent artistic vision.

There are a very, very few photographers of this caliber every generation, and I would strongly suggest that people invest in his work now, while it's affordable. Not just due to the investment value, of course - it will encourage him to do more and better work - and that will enrich everyone.

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