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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brisol Palin Explodes Abstenance Mythology

In her first public interview, Bristol told Fox News' that abstinence is "not realistic at all."

I'm sure that went over well in the Heartland. But unpalatable as it may be, had Bristol Palin been exposed to a brutally real sex-ed resource that speaks in language that is so blunt that it cannot be misunderstood even by horny teenagers, she probably would not have become pregnant.

This is what Carla of Feministe has to say about it:

Scarleteen is a sex education website for teenagers and young adults. It’s sex positive, focuses on everything from safety to pleasure, anatomy to emotional responses to sexual relationships, promotes non-intercourse types of sex as worthwhile options and is completely LGBT inclusive. It also works to dismantle rape culture with discussions of desire and enthusiastic consent.
This is MY go-to resource for real answers for urgent questions. They are always in need of funds. You should really drop some bucks on them.

I should point out that Bristol's pregnancy is a legitimate social concern - as is her STD status. Her "purity" and "innocence" are not. Sacrificing the former concern in service to maintaining pretenses regarding the latter leads inexorably to diseased and pregnant teenagers.

But, at least ONE person involved seems to have gained insight as a result of experience. Bristol Palin.

Kudos, kiddo.

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