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Sunday, June 29, 2008

For the best in (spurious) Bore-Stroke Compatability

The most popular Penis-Reduction Placebos on the market today!

Oddly, this did not make it to the front page of Fark!

We here at have a solution for men with any size penis who want everyone to believe, probably mistakenly, that they have an enormous johnson, without the possibility of doing anything to change the size of their penises. To do this, we pledge to sell the finest penis reducing placebos available today, using only government-approved placebo ingredients, shipped in boxes with our logo and name emblazoned in large type on all six sides. We are the premiere male ego enhancement product on the market today under $10.

  • Our products are all placebos, designed to not affect the size of the penis in any way (save the unexplained placebo effect).
  • Our boxes, approved by all shipping services, display our logo and name in large type on all six sides.
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    Satire in a bottle! Irony in a capsule! Perhaps the best 9.95 you could ever waste!

    Especially if you send it to a Republican Politician who insists on dicksizing the rest of the world.

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